All you need to know about Instagram’s New follow “Hashtag” feature

Instagram’s popularity has been growing rapidly and has made it one of the popular social networks in the world. The easy-to-operate and interesting features of the platform has made people fall in love with it more and more every day. With the introduction of ‘stories’ feature, Instagram made a strong impression in the market.  Continuing […]

An open letter to the colleague who Knows-It-All

Yeah, I know or let me tell you how it is done; are the answers that you mostly get from a co-worker who claims to be the master of all trades by knowing it all. According to them, their knowledge is the only thing that has made our survival safe in the corporate world. Infact, […]

Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Ads

Facebook with its advertising panel has opened many new avenues for advertisers all across the globe. From going global with your products & service through ads to targeting the people with specific age; you can do it all at one place only. With Facebook advertising you can reach people at any place and stay connected […]

4 Ways to evaluate your social media plan

Social Media is more exciting than any game. The ground of this game is global with unlimited players and opponents. The most exciting part of this game is that you get to see some new rules every day that changes the scores of the game completely. And adding to the finale is your Social Media […]

An Open Letter to colleagues who always Shake their leg

Ignorance is a bliss is a true saying, but when it comes to some peculiar habits or should we say irritating ones’ the saying goes in vain. Especially, the colleagues we sit with. From gossiping, discussing ideas to even sharing our favourite snack, we share it all with you and what you give us in […]

The psychology of Color in Branding

In the world of marketing and designing; color is the silent ambassador of your brand. The way a logo tells a story about a brand, similarly the color of the brand also represents its ethics and what it stands for. Every color is known to have its meaning and reflects the property it stands for. […]