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The Future of Quick Commerce in India: Opportunities and Strategies for Growth

As we look towards the future of quick commerce in India, projected to grow into a $40 billion market by 2030, the need for businesses to innovate and adapt has never been more critical. At Finessse Interactive, we’re diving deep into market dynamics and consumer insights using sophisticated behavioral analytics and machine learning. This data-driven […]

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Sustainable and Ethical Marketing: Rethinking Impact

Have you ever paused mid-campaign to consider the environmental impact of your advertising efforts? I recently did, and I was astounded to learn that a single campaign could generate as much as 5.4 metric tons of CO2. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the average annual emission per person. This startling realization brought […]

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Social Media Sentiment Analysis: Tools + 3-Step Method

Understanding the true sentiments of your audience can transform how you engage with them and manage your brand’s presence online. Social media sentiment analysis moves beyond basic metrics like follower counts and shares to reveal deeper insights into how people truly feel about your brand, products, or campaigns. It offers a real-time window into customer […]

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Boosted Posts vs. Ads

Boosted Posts vs. Ads: Tips for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Every social media team faces a recurring question during budget discussions: Should we boost posts or create ads? With the constant shifting of how algorithms work, new market entrants, and seasonal trends, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, understanding the nuances of both strategies is key to tailoring your approach effectively. Understanding Boosted Posts and Ads […]

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