5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business Owners

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Owning a business in this digital era is quite demanding and challenging. From managing employees, keeping a track of production process to organizing all your notes, payments, and details in one place, can be quite a task. And gone are the days when managing all your business-related tasks in files was important, now is the time when you have to be available all the time for your clients and customers. You are often pulled in several directions all at once when it comes to handling the business on your own.

Thankfully, there are plenty of productivity apps available in the market that can help you to ease all your work pressure and maintain smooth functioning of the tasks you carry out at your end  for your business. However, with so many options available it is not an easy task to pick the right app for your & your business needs. Here are our top 5 picks.


Be it meetings, discussions, and conferences there are some notes and important points that you do not want to miss out. Keeping all that in mind is not possible, right? So, to make all your thoughts, to-do-lists, and important points accessible, there is an app called Evernote, which is handy as well as anytime accessible. The app automatically synchronizes your data across both mobile and desktop devices. It also allows you to store additional media, letting you quickly scan or clip web articles and images.

Google Drive

With a busy schedule it can become difficult to carry your laptop or other handheld devices everywhere. So, accessing your important documents can be quite a task at times. To keep your files available to you all the time; Google Drive is the best option. It is a fully-featured office suite, and the software also acts as a full cloud drive, letting you store any file type via a virtual drive app or a web interface.  It is also the top choice for small business webmail.


One of the most difficult tasks for a business owner is to manage expenses. But, keeping your expenses in control is one of the concerns for every business owner. So, to solve this problem, Expensify app is there. The app keeps track of business expenses and mileage, while letting users scan and upload receipts. You can even file receipts by trip and submit expense reports to employers with the click of a button.


With the businesses that have large files, stock of images and important documents to transfer through mails can be quite frustrating. Waiting for hours to get the files attached and upload through mails might take a lot of your time. So, to save your time and have all your files placed accurately at one place, you have Dropbox. It is a perfect place for a multitasker and it also creates a virtual link between all the internet connected devices. With its saving capability, users can save all their images, documents, and video clips onto their dropbox account, which can be accessed anywhere. Also, with Dropbox you don’t have to worry about losing a document or sending files that are too large.

Square Invoices

Payments and Invoices are an important part of businesses and maintaining them is equally important. So, to avoid the hassle of carrying your laptop everywhere and to create and send invoices directly from your mobile device as well as track the status of all the invoices. The benefits with mobile invoicing is customers can pay securely online with a credit or debit card, and you can record the transaction even if they pay with cash or a check.

So, if you have been juggling with expenses, managing documents or sending invoices, then be free from all the troubles as you have all the solutions just a click away. Let your business flourish and grow with a solid team and the right tools!