5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Marketing Campaign is Not Working

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Facebook can be arguably termed as the most successful social media channel that connects brands to their customers. Facebook has  been a market leader in social media  and gave opportunity to millions of the businesses to promote their business pages through social advertising.

With billions of monthly active users, brands have been flocking to Facebook for promotions and advertising. Facebook marketing is a powerful tool and several brands had done wonders in terms of ROI with Facebook organic and paid marketing.

But why several campaigns fail to generate good results, ending up with low CTR and lesser return on investment (ROI)? Here are top 5 reasons why your Facebook campaign isn’t working:


  • Not enough followers


So, you have created a business page and posting on regular basis but still you are not got any momentum on the page?

To build a momentum, it is very important that you have good number of followers and likes on your page, the more followers you have, the more engagement you’ll attract.

Build an initial Fan base by inviting your customers and friends on the page, add your Facebook page icons on the mailers and your website. Finally, Facebook Advertising is an inexpensive and effective way from which you can get more likes for your page.


  • Your Posts Isn’t Eye-catching


Be it Facebook posts or Facebook ads, if you are creating posts which are not eye catching enough, people are not going to pay attention to what you are saying. Facebook users tend to engross over those ads and posts which are attractive in terms of content and image. Include jokes, inspirational quotes, attractive photography, and videos in your content bucket and try to engage with your users with polls and contests.


  • Not keeping an eye on Insights


Facebook offers analytics to its users for their business pages. Make sure to check the insights daily and find out whether you are reaching to your target group and audience. If not, no wonder your Facebook campaign isn’t working as you are not reaching to the people your product appeals to.

Check insights to find out what type of posts your audience is looking for and what time of the day you get the maximum reach for your post.


  • Avoiding A/B Testing for Your Ad Copies


If you are running a paid campaign for your business page, it is very important that you split test different options for your ads. Facebook ads gives you this option of testing your ads and ad copies.  You can run minimum two variations of your campaign and check which ad is doing better and uncover the most compelling ad option.


  • Missing the personal Touch


To be effective on social media channel like Facebook it is important to value the engagement of your audience on the page and following up with a personal interaction.

Make sure to interact with the active audience with a personal note or offer something as a reward to build a relationship with your Target group.


Make sure to follow these 5 tips to run a successful Facebook campaign. If it doesn’t work for you, hire a social media agency to handle the campaigns for you.