5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Digital Marketing

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In the digital era, a business has to be adaptive to new technologies, emerging new marketing platforms, and promotional tactics  . Be it a technology update, marketing strategy or promotion of your product/services; keeping up your business in pace with all these changes can be quite a challenging task. But, being an owner of a business, it becomes your responsibility to move revenue up and to keep your business moving forward. However, being a business person, you are not expected to know everything of Digital Marketing.

But, if your business has a digital presence and you intend to expand it or if you are planning to go Digital with your business, then here are 5 important things that you need to know as an entrepreneur.

Think beyond PPC Ads – Many business owners/entrepreneurs   think of PPC ads as the only effective digital marketing solution as they bring quick results  . They pump in all their digital budget in PPC campaigns. Though it’s effective, it is not the only solution.  So, if you are one among them, it’s time to look beyond PPC and explore other effective options digital marketing offers in order to maximize ROI and growth

Pump in some money – You need to allocate a budget for digital marketing . There are some business owners, who have heard about organic traffic, and SEO hacks and think that only using these to promote their products / services will be enough. But, this is completely wrong. It costs money to run a successful digital marketing campaign, you need to invest consistently in content development, website building and optimization, content promotion, online advertising, social media campaigns and so on but the best part is that there are options to start with a reasonable budget, you don’t have necessarily need a huge budget to go digital.

It’s all in the content – “Content is the king”, is the phrase that everyone has heard many times while thinking of digital marketing.  Digital world is full of content in the form of articles, blogs, infographics, website, journals, tweets, status updates, images, pins, posts, profiles, videos, gifs and much more content. So, to make an impactful presence it’s important to produce valuable content for the target audience.

SEO hasn’t died – There are too many facts and myths are surrounded around SEO There is also a misbelief that SEO is dead, which is not at all true. It is still   important for a business to establish their presence on Google.  Search Engines being the major drivers of traffic to websites, it is essential to invest in SEO.

Mobile Optimization is must – In the mobile web era where people spend most of their time on mobile devices it is necessary to make your website mobile-friendly.

Being a business owner or entrepreneur, you don’t have to know everything about Digital Marketing, but certainly need to know the right things to make your business successful digitally!