All you need to know about the upcoming Shopping feature on Instagram

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In the realm of social media dominance for business; Instagram is counted to be one of the best platforms for brands to get exposure, increase followers and reach. Its popularity has increased over the time, which has made it one of the favourite social channels among the brands. From connecting with the target audience to updating them about the business; Instagram has proved to be a boon and adding to its feather is the “Shopping” option, which is soon to be launched on the channel.





What does this feature is all about?


As of now brands can only showcase their products on Instagram with no shopping option, as the clickable links are only available in the profile’s bio. This often makes a brand experience limited and incomplete, which is why shopping option will now come on Instagram too. With this feature the users will be exposed to shoppable product tags with the ‘Shop Now’ link. The feature in Instagram will enhance the mobile shopping experience by providing tagging and detail options for the product. This functionality is touted to bring important product information to the consumer; and all of this would be possible without having to leave the Instagram app to search.


What you can expect?


This feature will enable brands to understand that how a seamless shopping experience can be delivered to customers on Instagram and ultimately mobile. It will enable brands to tag any items in their pictures, which will take the users to a separate product page with more information and a ‘Shop Now’ link that will go straight to the seller’s page. It will enable people to understand the products better and make a wise decision for purchasing. The company has partnered with 20 retails brands to test the feature. In this test, each post would include a tap to view icon at the bottom left of the photo and when tapped a tag will appear on the products in the post. Once a user selects a tag, a detailed view of the product will open. After selecting the product when a user selects “Shop Now” link it will take them directly to the business’ website making it an easier shopping experience.


So, the feature will open a new world of possibilities for instagrammers and brands!