An Open Letter to colleagues who always Shake their leg

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Ignorance is a bliss is a true saying, but when it comes to some peculiar habits or should we say irritating ones’ the saying goes in vain. Especially, the colleagues we sit with. From gossiping, discussing ideas to even sharing our favourite snack, we share it all with you and what you give us in return – the ever-shaking leg.

We understand that how much deep you dive into your thoughts that you just forget that there are other human species around you fighting for their bread and butter. We also understand, how much hard work it takes to continuously shake your leg as if you are on a mission to break the world record. Though the record gets broken or not, you surely deserve an award for taking your revenge in the most humanly form from the people around you or rather the colleague sitting next to you. It does not matter if sometimes you get in such deep thinking that shaking your leg makes the complete table shakes and people start feeling like an earthquake is coming. Though, it is just a natural calamity that can be life threatening and scare the hell out of people, but its not bigger than shaking your leg. Right?

So, are you proud of shaking your leg? We say, ask the colleague sitting next to you.

Tag someone you know who always shakes leg and do leave us a comment in the comments section below.