An open letter to the colleague who Knows-It-All

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Yeah, I know or let me tell you how it is done; are the answers that you mostly get from a co-worker who claims to be the master of all trades by knowing it all. According to them, their knowledge is the only thing that has made our survival safe in the corporate world. Infact, not only the corporate world, the whole world is surviving because of their knowledge. They seem to be the rulers of the world with their great knowledge.

Be it a question about a software or a tricky puzzle, they think they know-it-all. They believe that they are the go-to person for everyone and have a special connection with superiors and authorities. They also act as they have been everywhere and have experienced everything. And one thing that you cannot forget about them is that they think they have a solution for every problem. They also keep their opinion in a strong manner, which can surely make you feel that you know nothing about the game. The best of all is that you would never hear them say “I don’t know” because they know everything. Well, apart from all the funny liners around them, it can get hard to handle an I-Know-It-All colleague.

When it comes to ideas, they claim to have the best of them because they know it all. Adding to that, they also know before-hand, if an idea will work or not. Now to know this before the idea is materialized is only possible with a know-it-all person.

Tag a Know-It-All person and thank them for being there with you, otherwise what could you have done? Right?