23 Must-Have Business Apps for Modern-Day CEOs

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Why Business Apps are Important?

For any CEO, running an organisation takes most of his/her time and is mostly on the go – Meetings, events, conferences and a lot more, having a balanced and punctual professional life is a task of its own. However, there are many applications present on the app stores that are making the daily tasks for a modern-day CEO easier.  Numerous business applications are floating on the app store that want to be the helping hands and take responsibility to fulfil your tasks but not every application can be trusted for efficient tasks & schedule management, Thus,  we bring you the list of the best 23 business applications that will increase your work efficiency.

1) LinkedInEveryone who is willing to step into the corporate world or wants to increase their business connections is on LinkedIn. As a CEO, LinkedIn can help you build better relationships with your connections & followers and expand your network. It even enables you to observe your competitors’ activities on the platform. In fact, 79% of B2B marketers find LinkedIn the most relevant source for generating leads. LinkedIn is available on Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store and for desktops too.

2) Scribd – Reading should be a habit for anyone to gain knowledge and for CEOs, it’s a must! With Scribd, you can get e-books of any genre and even upload your writings for people to read. You can not only read but listen to audiobooks when you’re on the go! January 2019 made them witness the milestone of surpassing one million subscriptions and Forbes in 2018 referred to them as “The Netflix of Books.” Scribd is available on Android & iOS and for desktop users as well.

3) BlinkistNot able to take time to read bulky nonfiction books? Blinkist summarizes the keylists of the book in 15 minutes that you can digest in audio or text format. Blinkist gives you all-time access to over 2000 non-fiction books. According to Blinkist, its users manage to read at least 3 titles per day. Blinkist is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

4) LastPass Managing passwords is a difficult task. How many can one remember? Even if you note them down somewhere, losing that document/note is a constant fear. Moreover, even if you have stored passwords somewhere online – finding the right password and entering them to log in every time for different accounts is again a very irritating and time-consuming task. But LastPass makes it all sorted for you!

LastPass is a password manager that keeps all your passwords safe and even auto-refills them every time you log into a registered application. They actually have different features and pricing for individuals and businesses which makes it very personalized for both entities. This is actually a lifesaver for CEOs because of the multiple emails and apps that they have to juggle every day. Lab24 marked them as the most preferred password manager. The application is available for both Android and iOS users.

5) GrammarlyWriting reports, pitching documents or drafting a meeting email without any mistakes need a keen eye for detail – still, mistakes happen sometimes. With Grammarly, there will be no room for mistakes as it does a marvellous job by omitting any grammatical mistakes from the content on any platform. From writing a mail to posting something on Facebook, Grammarly is always by your side and marks the mistakes or gives word suggestions to make your content better. Currently, there are over 2 million people using Grammarly. Grammarly is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

6) BufferEver wondered how much time would you save if you started scheduling your social media posts? Well, Buffer is that social media scheduling app that lets you pre-post your social media posts and even gives you insight about engagements. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do have their scheduling system, however, it gets difficult to switch between apps to review your posts, and Buffer removes that obstacle.

On this platform, you can schedule all the social media posts and even add multiple members to review them. This comes as an advantage for CEOs because it makes them look present at the moment and allocates blocks of time specifically for social media. Buffer has been used by businesses like Fortune, The Seattle Times, Denver, Broncos, Business Insider and many more. As per Buffer’s case study after using their platform, Business Insider has grown its followers to 8.3 million! Buffer is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

7) OvercastThere are so many podcasts available online but a limited time to listen to them. Overcast makes those lengthy podcasts short and crisp by providing the feature of Smart Speed that dynamically shortens the silences on the podcasts and even boosts the voice at the same volume. This way you can complete your favourite podcasts in a shorter period of time and even manage them on one application. According to Transistor, Overcast is the 3rd most desired podcast application by iOS users and as claimed by Overcast, the feature of Smart Speed has cumulatively saved 60 days. Overcast is only available for iOS users.

8) Google Keep Google Keep is much more than just the normal notes present in our smartphones and laptops. It provides a set of tools that lets you keep and organize all the notes at the top and even sync them across all the platforms. Creating collaborative to-do lists, classifying them according to labels, transcribing voice notes to adding web pages to the notes, this app is really the best at present. This application has 100,000,000+ installs as per Play Store. You can even create reminders for your notes and not worry about forgetting them during the busy schedule.. The application is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

9) EvernoteAny business owner who needs to have constant touch with his/her team should have Evernote. Evernote is an application that lets you add web links, create notes, add attachments and even send them to your team for updates and reviews. It gets synced across devices and lets you keep so much in one app. It has 3 plans- Basic, Premium and Business wherein, its basic plan has over 225 million people using it! Evernote is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

10) Fantastical 2For Apple users, adding events to their calendars was a nerve-wracking task because of the insufficiency of natural-language parsers. But with Fantastical 2, iOS users are allowed to type, “Dinner with Aman at 8pm next Saturday” and have the slot automatically filled in. According to WIRED, Fantastical 2 is a crazily-powerful app for Mac! This application is only available for Mac and iOS users.

11) TodoistTodoist is a productivity app that helps its users plan their days perfectly and remind them for upcoming events. It gets synced across all devices and integrates with the favourite apps. Big names like, Apple, Starbucks and Google trust this application and has been used by over 10 million people. This application is available for Android and iOS users as well as for pc users as extension & downloads, Apple and Google Watches and as email plugins.

12) PandaDoc PandaDoc is a content management system for sales through which documentation can be done in the easiest form. From proposals, quotes, and contracts to e-signature, PandaDoc has templates on which you can create your desired document so that the workflow of documents can increase revenue in no time. After creating the document it can be shared with the team members for reviewing and adding pointers for a better document to be presented. Just not that, if there is a variety of content pieces like videos, different pricing tables, competitive analysis and much more, they can be inserted into different documents. You can also keep them in the library and use them as you want. You will even get notified when someone reviews, signs or comments on the document.

For a CEO, this software becomes essential to stay updated with the progress of a contract to build meaningful customer relationships and win more business. As per their case study on Inkit, PandaDoc notes that Inkit’s legal fees have decreased by over $5,000 each month by using this software. PandaDoc is available for Android and iOS users and is available for Windows and Mac users too.

13) 360 Security There needs to be round-the-clock security for your smartphone because a lot of work is done through it. From emails to SMS, everything cannot be dependent on the built-in security feature on your smartphone. Thus, 360 Security keeps close surveillance on the installed and third-party applications to keep the information safe. It also optimizes the speed and function of the smartphone clearing caches, and junk files and improving battery life. Its anti-theft feature lets you erase and locate the phone as per the requirements. This application has 100,000,000+ installs as per Play Store.

14) DuolingoTravelling across the globe comes with language challenges. Most of the executives learn a second or third language that helps globally but knowing each and every language is not possible. However, with Duolingo, learning different languages is now easier. Being fluent in the language takes time but this app can help you learn the basics to get you through simple conversations or in difficult times. As per their website, they have more than 7 billion exercises per month and the app has more than 300 million users.

They have also bagged TechCrunch’s Best Education Startup award in 2014 and Google’s Best of the Best, in 2014 among other awards. Duolingo is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

15) CamscannerCamscanner turns the camera of your smartphone or tablet into a scanner and creates PDFs of the document instantly! This application is a lifesaver in the times when scanned documents have to be sent urgently and there’s no means to send it as a hard copy. From a quick snap of the document and you can annotate, highlight the document and even apply your watermark for the authenticity of the document. The application has 100,000,000+ installs as per Play Store and is available for Android and iOS users.

16) Slack As a business leader, you need to stay in touch with your team members even when you hit the road. Responding to emails immediately is always not possible and thus a messenger like Slack lets you communicate with your team members and organize conversations by topics, projects or members involved having better efficiency in the workflow. It can even be integrated with Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Zendesk, Twitter and other tools and even reduce the number of alerts you receive. As per the statistics on their website, there are 10 million+ daily users on the platform & 65 of the Fortune 100 companies use this messenger. Slack is available on all platforms.

17) FullContact Unless and until collecting business cards is your interest, having a bulk of them can become a headache for you. FullContact saves the day for you by converting all your hard business cards into e-business cards. It allows to you to sync all your contacts on Google, iCloud, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 and Foursquare. There are many features in this application that helps you build and maintain your business relationships. One amazing feature allows you to stay updated with your contacts when there is a change in their details so that you’re never left with the back-dated information ever. FullContact is the first choice of over one billion individual profiles and 22 million company profiles because it ensures data protection, recency, and precision. Full Contact is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Gmail and Mac.

18) SparkTruckloads of emails to go through in a single day is next to impossible and that’s why, CEOs need categories that can gather their emails to go through them as per its priority. Spark is that iOS platform app that lets you sort the overwhelming inbox into personal, newsletter and notification boxes so that you can quickly clean up the rest. In 2016, Spark was listed among the 25 best apps of the year by Apple. The application is only available on iOS platform.

19) Tripit Being a CEO comes with a lot of travelling. But with travelling, comes a lot of planning and its formalities. So, how cool would it be for an app to notify you before your travelling dates and even receive real-time flight alerts? Well, Tripit makes everything possible. Just forward your flight confirmation mail to plans@tripit.com and get your master itinerary on the Tripit Dashboard and get notified for everything on any screen size. On android, it has alone over 1,000,000+ installs across the globe. Through this application, you can consolidate all the paperwork to create a single itinerary for every business trip. Tripit is available for both Android and iOS users.

20) Expensify Running a business is not easy, but accounting, bookkeeping and backend management take the biggest toll. But with Expensify, you can manage every expense within the app and not worry about the accounting. Scan your bill receipts or mileage and the app records it for you. It also fills in the merchants’ details automatically and keeps track of the expenses for maximum tax write-offs. Expensify can even sync in payroll, invoicing, and bookkeeping software, Xero to make accounting better and save a lot of time. On android, it has over 1,000,000+ installs across the globe, making it a favourite for people. Expensify is available for both Android and iOS users.

21) SkypeEveryone is aware of this instant messaging, voice or video calling app with the best-calling quality across the globe. So for all the conference calls or international calls, any CEO should use Skype. There are over 300 million monthly active users on Skype and it has over 1,000,000,000+ installs on Android! Skype is available on every platform.

22) Mint by Intuit Finally there is one application that manages finances at best! Sync in your bank accounts and credit cards, and keep track of your budget. From bills to balance to credit score and more, Mint is the platform that helps you to know where you stand and how you can improve. That’s not it! Get custom tips on savings according to your expenditure and feel safe, financially. To keep the security intact, Mint uses multi-factor authentication every time you log in and even notifies you when an account changes with data from a second source. The application has 5,000,000+ installs on Play Store and is available for iOS and desktop users.

23) LinkedIn SlideShareBeing a CEO, you would always need to make presentations for pitching or for events, which means quick updates are required in no time. For that, LinkedIn SlideShare is a platform on which you can upload your existing presentation. Upload it to your secure Slide Share account, edit it and present it through any screen size. In fact, once you upload your presentation on SlideShare, other users can have a look at it and get familiar with your products and services. LinkedIn SlideShare is available for Android and iOS users, as well as for PC users.

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