How Digital Marketing can be Helpful for Your Business to grow amid Pandemics

Digital Marketing Help Your Business Grow
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In recent years, Digital Marketing has become a huge place of the online presence of businesses from retail to manufacturing and services globally. Retail outlets and manufacturing units through e-commerce is thriving for major changes. For that, they hire experts like Online marketing Consultants to achieve their targeted sales.

Global eCommerce had sales of $3.5 trillion in 2019 which indicates a 14% share of global retail sales data released by Statista. For the year 2020, it is expected that global e-commerce sales will reach $4.2 trillion which will make up 16% of total retail sales.

Another data by Mckinsey “Digital India Report” highlighting the estimated cost of the digital presence of various sectors by 2025. The insights of the report clearly show the online marketing preference in the Indian Economy over offline marketing is quite lucrative. It means every sector emerging locally and globally through digital presence.

digital transform India's economy

The data released by Google and Mckinsey shows number of users in rural as well as in urban areas had increased from 574 million active internet users of 2019 to 639 million users by December 2020. The app download users were about 12.3 billion 2018 and social media users engagement were 294 million in last 2-3 years which hoping businesses to thrive online and opting Digital Marketing Services.

dimensions of digital adoption

As Digital Marketing has an ability to level the online playing fields which means it is not limited to multinationals and large corporations. Now, the retail outlets, small and medium scale business units are also competing by budgeting their digital presence whether locally and globally.

Even, traditional sectors like Healthcare and Agriculture finds Digital Marketing is the right approach to reach a wide range of customer and client base from sourcing to marketing their produces and services in the past 2-3 years. Through online presence reaching to the end user is easy. It also helps in engaging them with the help of the right content marketing strategy.

However, a good website is incomplete if we fail in providing impactful content it is an ultimate source of Digital Marketing that helps in engaging end-user for a longer and continuous period.

The productive information always helps in gaining consumer trust and building the brand image and that is the reason many businesses opting for content marketing strategy to mark their online presence in their customer’s heart.

Nowadays as content marketing has become an important tool of Digital Marketing furthermore many B2B websites like Indiamart, Tradeindia and Exportersindia are taking concrete steps and also focusing on content management.

Not only this, companies who have end users customer base completely understood the great impacts of content marketing on their businesses with fruitful results. Flipkart, Amazon and snapdeal are some of them who are marking huge impressions in the heart of their customers through strong content marketing strategy.

Hence, it is quite evident that Digital Marketing Services and hiring an Online Marketing Consultant by small, medium and large business houses is cost-effective that not only help you to flourish their businesses in time-bound manner but also help to gain their customers and increase their sales volume.