6 Digital Marketing Strategy For Educational Institutes

digital marketing strategy for educational institutes
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Technology is slowly taking over, and it has opened tremendous opportunities for people leveraging its full potential. The education industry is not untouched by the potential effectiveness of digital; the process of education has drastically evolved. It is time to start spending on digital marketing strategies that can benefit the educational institutes in the coming time. Since school and college goers are majorly the generations of gadget advanced youngster, they are looking for information digitally. Even for school projects other than anything, students prefer- Google. 

It will not be an overstatement to say that this trend is never going to die, most importantly in educational institutions. So, if you are an educational institute and still not thinking of digital, maybe you should consider hiring a digital marketing company in India. Some of the digital marketing strategies that can be helpful for educational institutes to bond with their students online will include:

1. Mobile Optimized Website for Institution– Mobile users have now surpassed laptop or desktop users; it is the easiest and the most common platform for internet access. It is also highly popular among students and the young generation. Hence, as an educational institute, making your website mobile-friendly would be very favourable. Mobile optimisation should be one of the most prioritised digital marketing strategies for educational institutes. If not, most probably you are missing out on a lot of potential students. It is better to take help from a professional digital marketing agency that can help you with mobile optimisation.

2. Technical SEO Audit for Educational Website– Since Google analytics is constantly upgrading and changing, only the technically strong websites will be able to list on the top of the search results. So, even if your page is precisely optimised, there might be chances that you missed being on the top of the search list. If your website has errors like 404, broken or missing sitemaps, slow loading, irrelevant content etc., then your website is technically weak. It is where a professional SEO Consultant can be helpful as they have experience and resources. It is an important aspect that educational institutes should keep in consideration.

3. Categorised Target Segment: In educational institutions, there is a need for categorisation and segmentation of different age groups of students so the marketing strategy for targeting them will be different as per the class of enrolment. Similarly, for parents, the targeting can be done on the basis of fees structure and academic prospect or transport facilities. It will help to reach out to the prospective leads who actually show interest in educational services through various channels and so they might take interest in further enrolment procedures.

4. Digital Content through various platforms– Nearly 87% of teenagers said they found college website content very helpful during the search. Hence, strengthening your website and social platforms with strong and relevant content will always be a very strong way to connect with prospective students. Blogs, articles, infographics, videos etc., will work effectively.

5. Strategically run Paid Ad Campaigns– Running ads is very cost-effective than any other traditional way of marketing. Running ads on social media, Google, Facebook, PPC ads etc., can work favourably for educational institutes. These are flexible and adaptable approaches to reach out to your target audience. Know how a cost-effective Paid Campaign can helpful for Education Sector from any leading PPC Management Company in India

6. Go Live to Interact with Audience– They are one of the most algorithm dominants on social media networks. Hence, gathering your prospective students live streams can be very effective. You can use live streams to various topics like Q/A sessions, FAQs, admission process inquiries, fee structure, course and opportunities etc. You can get your faculties, students and alumni to share their perspective too.