Do’s and Don’ts – Emoji Marketing

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Expressions of smile, fear, anger, happiness, shock or any other feeling is the most natural thing that can happen to any human being. But, like all the things are getting a twist of technology in the 21st century expressing your feelings has also got a punch of Emojis. The social media world got hit with a storm of emojis with everyone being a big fan of them. From kids to elders, everyone loves to communicate their feelings, emotions or opinions with a touch of Emojis. And with new developments Businesses have also started using Emojis while communicating with their TG online. Many brands have used them in their campaigns and even while launching new products in the industry.

According to studies and market research using Emojis can also lead to a better sentiment analysis, real-time marketing and helping brands find new audiences who can be interested in their offerings. However, like everything has its pros and cons; so does the use of these emoticons. How you are using them, may work for your brand and it may not also. So, how to use them wisely?

Here are some examples of how some brands have used Emojis.

The most loved Pizza brand – Dominos was one of the brands which used Emojis to presents its products to the customers in a new and exciting way. So, if you want people to get talking about your brand, then using emojis is one of the most exciting and entertaining ways.


The only car brand which used emojis as a way to introduce its new car in the market is Chevrolet Cruze. Here’s a glimpse of how the brand used it for promotion.

Also brands like McDonalds, Pepsi and others have used Emojis in connecting with their TG with a fresh perspective.


So, is it possible that every brand can use them?
Do they make a great impact every time a brand uses them?
Does using them guarantee success for the brand online?
And many other questions can pop up in your mind after doing some research about Emojis.
If you are planning to use them on your social channels, then here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you need to consider before making any plans.

Do’s of using Emojis:
Understand your audience:  This is one of the most crucial aspect to know that whether your audience will be able to understand the relevance of using emojis or not.  Youth will be able to connect with it more than elderly.


Know their context: Another aspect is to know what an emoji stands for and if you are using it in the appropriate manner or not. And they should preferably be used in the end not in the middle of the sentence.


Personality Enhancement: While emails and messaging are not done in person-to-person they can be misunderstood or taken in a negative tone. Using emojis help them give a personality and also makes it easy to understand.


Complete your sentences with words: If you think that using only emojis may not express your intended message, then you can use words to support them (when necessary).


Don’ts of using Emojis:
Overuse: Excess of everything is bad and thus the use of emojis also. Don’t use them too much and very often.


Misinterpret the meaning: Every emoji has a different meaning and it could be possible that you may misunderstand its original meaning and use it in the way that you simply not intend to, which might lead to a bad communication to the customers.


Follow other brands: It is not necessary if other brands are using it, then you also have to follow it. Consider your plans before moving forward.


Use them seriously: Mostly they are used in a light-hearted way and it should be the way of using them. Taking them too seriously is surely not the best practice of using them.


So, a smiley now and then does not hurt anyone…. :)!