Facebook Ads vs LinkedIn Ads Which Is Better For Your Business in Post COVID-19 Situation?

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As the pandemic has affected every business around the globe, running and keeping up with it has become more difficult. Many organizations and businesses are pushing more marketing strategies than ever. Marketers are advertisers looking for more effective platforms where they can publish their ads and gain an audience. Facebook and Linkedin have a vast audience reach and capabilities, but we need to isolate which one is better for your business, especially during these tough times. Let’s get a clearer picture of both of the platforms first, and identify which is more suitable for marketing. Also You can consult with social media marketing company India clear your doubt about choosing platform to run marketing or branding campaign. 



As we’re already aware, Facebook has more audience reach than any other social networking platform. With more than 2.2 billion people active on the social site, Facebook has definitely more audiences than LinkedIn which has just 500+ million users. However, it is not correct to conclude that Facebook will be better for your marketing solutions.

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Facebook is a social networking profile for people who want to connect to friends and family and share their personal thoughts and space. Whereas, LinkedIn is for professional space where people look for career-related content and strengthen their professional life with similar interests and works.

Facebook is an ideal place if you want to create a marketplace and gather an audience for your business. It gives you a chance to turn the audience directly to the customer. Linkedin, on the other hand, provides you an opportunity to connect with the businesses and is a preferred spot for business to business-related audiences. If you want to connect to companies and services that can offer you any service or product in return, Linkedin is a better place to be.



Facebook and LinkedIn have almost the same ad types and offer various layouts for ads. Both have lead generation trackers to identify the audience to reach. Ads are pretty similar on both the platforms, like, in the form of videos, business promotions, based on connect options.

However, Facebook has more options and ways to publish advertisements. Stories and pop-up playables give more variety of ads on the platform.


Target Audience Option

Both Facebook and Linkedin give you an option to target a specific audience. Facebook finds audiences in the form of interests and likes of the user. It gives you similar results on the basis of your activity on the social media platform. Whereas LinkedIn shows you ads based on your profile like the work you do and the place you work in. The advertisement fetches the information from the profile of the page and users and provides relatable results. However, Facebook provides more accuracy in targeting the audience with the help of geolocations and demographics.

Further bifurcating, LinkedIn & Facebook allows you to target the audience on the following basis:



  1. Demographics
  2. Schools attended
  3. Current employer
  4. Joined LinkedIn groups
  5. Company size
  6. Industry
  7. Job title


  1. General interests
  2. Liked pages
  3. Important dates like birthdays
  4. Demographics
  5. Location
  6. Buying history
  7. Education level
  8. Industry
  9. Job title

LinkedIn Ads for your Business

Post the pandemic of COVID-19; situations are going to be slightly different than before. People and businesses will now spend according to what they need and not just blindly flow money into ads. Talking of LinkedIn Ads, they play an essential role for people who belong to the realty sector and need B2B audiences for their business. As we are aware, LinkedIn is a space owned by the riches like CEOs and founders of giant conglomerates and companies. Therefore, realtors can target these big earners from LinkedIn itself. Finance companies will also need to take LinkedIn’s help to ensure that their business is being considered by potential investors. 

If your business requires you to target B2B, then there are higher chances that you’ll meet with the quality and genuine leads. Get Help from Finessse Interactive – Provides social media marketing services india to Optimize your LinkedIn Campaign and Grow your Network in effective way.

However, ads on LinkedIn are more inclined towards working professionals and B2B businesses, so if you are willing to promote anything that is regarding B2C or has a work of art in it, Facebook ads will always be a better option to look up to. 


Facebook Ads for your Business

Novel Coronavirus and quarantine have made us more addicted to social media platforms, Facebook being the most used one. If you are a growing business and want to interact with your customers directly, then Facebook is the best platform for you. Facebook enables you to tell your business’ story to a broader audience with less spend. The outbreak of COVID-19 has made people’s marketing budget shrink to a great extent, but advertising on Facebook will not cost you much. Facebook also gives you a variety of ad formats and layouts, so depending upon the need of your business, you can choose accordingly.

Ads on Facebook are much more user-friendly and give you detailed analytics and well-researched reporting. 

Both of these platforms have had and will have their distinctive significance even after COVID-19. It’s you who has to decide the best advertising platform for your business. However, you can give a hit and try both the platform’s business tools and observe which one works the best for you. 

If you’re already looking for an advertising agency to work with you as your digital marketing partners, then we at Finessse Interactive are all up to listen to your queries and meet with your targets with the help of our well-versed digital executives.