Facebook Business Page: A Quick Guide to Create Great Facebook Posts

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In the digital era, as Erik Qualman puts it, “we don’t have a choice on whether we Do social media, the question is how well we do it”. Yes, you heard it right. Being a brand the way you communicate with your audience makes a huge impact on them. When it comes to communication, there is one rule that all your communication should not revolve around buying, buying, buying… all the time.

There are different ways to engage audiences and retain their interest. Audience engagement also depends a lot on the   type of post you are sharing and the persuasiveness of the post copy and the creative design that syncs with it  . Along with the interesting posts that you create and share to grab users’ attention and engage with them, you also want all your products/services to be seen, loved, and sold. There are some factors that are focused upon to create customer engagement and brand awareness.

Here are Some Tips to Create Great Facebook Posts Consistently.

Roadmap of Posts – Roadmap of the posts is basically content layering, which means a calendar that will lay out a posts schedule like which post will be published and when. Another important aspect of roadmap is dividing content covering various topics from the industry related to your product or service. This means selecting topics to cover, to add into your content bucket, to offer more variety to you audience.  Once, you have mapped out the type of posts you will be posting each day, then you can easily work on the images and schedule them accordingly.

Follow the “Keep it short & simple” rule – As per studies and research, it has been clear that people do not stay on a post or a page until there is something exceptionally interesting or catchy content. The attention span of people on a post is usually of 8 seconds. So, going by that rule, the first 3 to 4 letters of your post are crucial to grab attention of the audience. Basically, it has to be brief yet compelling.

Motivate customers to act – It is important that your customers are compelled to take an action on the posts you are publishing on your page daily. Especially, if you are an e-commerce business, then integrating your store with social media is a must. Also, if most of your posts are sent to your website, then make sure that they are all consistent with the look and feel of your brand. Additionally, the tone of your posts should reflect the one throughout your marketing and content strategy.

Encourages likes, shares and comments – Till now, we have learned that Facebook posts should be short and interesting, but for engagement you have to go beyond influencing the user to click through the post and taking him/her to the website to make him purchase your product or service. To improve engagement, you can ask a question about a personal experience, use fill in the blank statements, caption the photo and many other ways.

Hope you found the tips useful. Get started now! Create Facebook posts that grab eye-balls.