Recap -10 Major Features Introduced by Google Ads in 2018

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It has been more than 2 years since Google announced that they are redesigning Adwords for marketing in a mobile – first world because of the massive usage of smartphones to search anything on Google. Today in 2018, Google has released a lot of cool new features for Google Ads that are now available to all the users with an objective to experience the faster interface and get things done swiftly.

As 2018 is coming to an end and users are able to adapt with the new features of Google Ads, let’s have a recap of the 10 major and unique features that Google has offered its users and enabled them to improve their paid search strategy. In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about the brand new interface of Google Ads, however in this blog we will cover more than that. So stay tuned and read on.

Google and Amazon has always seen a tough competition over product advertising but since Google is aware of the growing competition and potential threat from Amazon, Google Ads has been revamped and loaded with enhanced features for better targeting and performance. Let’s take a look some of the major Google ads features introduced by Google in 2018:

‘AdWords Reach Planner’ Tool for YouTube

The reach planner tool for YouTube and other video platforms helps to predict the reach and conversion rate of a particular video campaign. The Reach Planner, as the name suggests brings out the estimated reach of various video campaigns and helps you to create better campaign plans. With Adwords reach planner, one can appropriately set YouTube ad format and budget based on the marketing objectives. It’s still in the Beta phase, you can access it here



Advanced Expanded Landing Page Report

With the introduction of view of full reporting metrics for expanded landing pages, it helps in assisting/knowing how much of traffic is coming on each landing page of the website. It helps you to assess the performance of the landing pages and enables you to figure out landing page issues if any.



New AdWords UI

The new interface removes all the clutter and makes the launching page tidier. The de-cluttered interface makes it easy on eyes and brings out a vibrant representation of account data.



Introduction of Promotion Extension

This extension is added under Ads & Extensions’ tab and appears with a tag icon on search text ads that help ads to have an edge on SERPs. Such promotion extensions are beneficial for e-commerce websites. The feature can be used to show special offers or discounts offered by the website. A good promotion extension can increase the CTR of an ad by as much as 10%; promotional message may appear twice, once with the ad copy and then through the extension.


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Custom Intent Audience

A simple definition of Custom Intent Audience can be described as a tool that is bridging the gap between in-market audiences and custom affinity audience. This feature is only available in the new version of Adwords and there are two types of custom intent audience:

  1. Auto Generated method and,
  2. Create your own method (DIY)

This feature can be seen as one of the many ways Google is trying to involve AI for a broader way to understand the audiences’ perspective and behavior. Custom intent Audience is definitely an exciting feature for all PPC professionals as it gives them the ability to target specific cohort of people that are highly relevant to the business, at the right time.


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Improved Keyword Planner

The old keyword planner was improvised around the same time when the Adword UI was revamped. This improved Keyword planner is much more streamlined than the previous version, reducing it to only two options: “Find New Keywords” and “Get Metrics and Forecast for your Keywords.” There are 2 big additions in the version. First, it now displays mobile search volume alongside total monthly search volume. And second addition is of the organic impressions and organic average position for each keyword.


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Smart Shopping Campaign

With Google Shopping being present for the longest time in Google Adwords, the newly introduced Smart Shopping is something fresh and innovative and also sounds promising. The smart shopping campaign automatically optimizes ad delivery across Google’s Ads networks to achieve the desired result. Through this feature, bids and placements are automatically adjusted determined by the likelihood that the ad click will result in the advertiser’s desired goal. They no doubt run on multiple platforms and the ads are shown on Search, Display, YouTube and Gmail networks. The new Google’s Smart Shopping Campaign offers to save a lot of time and expanded reach for retailers.



Responsive Search Ads

This feature now plays an important role for businesses who want to increase their PPC conversions. Now you can make adjustment to your ads en mass using this feature and if you wish to try out different headline text or CTA or descriptions, this feature may come in handy. Once the adjustments are done, Adwords does the rest! The feature allows AdWords to inform you when your tests yield positive, significant results and conversions.



Gmail Remarketing

Even though is feature was introduced in 2017, Gmail Marketing gained its pace this year as it allows you dynamically market or advertise through your audiences’ Gmail accounts. This feature can help you get the best results in the busiest days of the year, when people shop a lot from online. You can now send ads timely to your target audiences’ Gmail inboxes.


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In the previous version of Adwords comparatively lesser people noticed this feature but in this version you’re offered various recommendations and insights which are very detailed and well-presented. The latest recommendations section helps you to see things related to campaign optimization which you may otherwise miss.


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