Hey Monday – Deal with Monday Blues like a Boss

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If you think that only humans are cursed, then it’s time to think once again. When it comes to the corporate world, there is one day, that kills the buzz of Sunday evenings and makes you feel low throughout the week… Yes, you are coming closer to guessing it right, it’s Monday! The day we all dread to come to office and stretch it to the extent of even cursing the very existence of life on earth. Okay, that might be a little too much you don’t curse the existence of life, but you would surely curse the day and the Monday Blues you deal along. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we so proudly face everything on Monday, in the name of Monday Blues.

Be it a spat with your boss, metro problem or hangover; Monday Blues is something we all deal with. Somehow, we also look for some inspiration to how to deal with them, and thus gave inspiration to the Social Team of Finesse Interactive to come up with a “HeyMonday” theme where they picked out a few brands and described how they could have killed the Monday Blues.

Let’s have a look at the Brands and connection that motivated them to fight with Monday Blues like a BOSS.

Surf Excel – Daag Ache hai became Shut Up – Monday Blues Ache Hai and was the first motivation of the theme. The prime messaging was connecting the brand messaging that clears the spots while washing, similarly will clean all the Monday Blues.


Hit Mosquito Killing Spray became quite an innovative and creative spray to kill Monday Blues. The communication focuses on the branding with only the difference that it will kill all the Blues that you have to face today.


AntiVirus – Next in the theme is the AntiVirus that came to protect you from Monday Blues. Like AntiVirus is used to prevent, detect, and remove malicious software, this will prevent and protect from the Monday Blues all around you.


Himalayan Face Wash – The last in the series is the famous Himalayan Face Wash, which changed into a Monday Blues Clear Wash. So, the communication rolls around clearing Monday Blues with this special Face Wash.


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