How to run an Influencer Marketing campaign on Instagram

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In the era, where everything is instant and automatic; social media has opened many new avenues for businesses and brands across the world. In recent years, Instagram has become the next favourite of not only brands, but also is the first choice of Bloggers across every category. It has become a new home for Influencers promoting and highlighting products and services of different brands. The popularity of Influencers has resulted in Influencer Marketing and in the recent times Instagram has become the first choice of brands for Influencer Marketing.

The platform has become favorite of both Influencers and brands. However, while planning for an activity on Instagram it is necessary to consider some significant points that will enable you to run a well-planned Instagram Influencer Activity.

  1. Understand your Goal

It is necessary to understand what is it that you want from your Influencer Marketing Campaign and what are you looking forward to after this program. It is evident that you wish to promote your brand like every other brand but having a specific objective in mind can help so that you can have the effectiveness in your campaign. It can be driving more traffic to your website, gain more followers, or increase conversions or revenue; whatever is it, you must be clear with the objective.

2. List your Performance Metrics

Once you have the goal set, you need to clear out what are the aspects you would want to measure after the activity is over. For instance, you would want to measure the engagement rate, reach and impressions after the activity. So, list out what you would look for in the performance metrics.

3. Find out Ideal Influencers

Finding the right Influencer for your activity is the most important aspect of your activity. The first thing that will come in your mind will be what kind of influencers will help you to achieve your goal. You should connect with influencers who are related to your industry and will help you to connect with the relevant audience. Another important factor to look at is engagement rate. An influencer who gets more engagement on his/her posts will surely get your brand more visibility and reach.

4. Blending your Campaign with the Brand Goal

Executing this campaign is equally difficult because the process includes both Influencers and Brands who come with their own expectations. It is important to execute campaigns that can gel well with your goal and nature of the brand. You can go for sponsored content or you can also ask them to post reviews and updates about your products and services.

5. Promotions

The tagging feature of Instagram allow Influencers to tag the brand along with the product or service they wish to promote. You can also get the posts sponsored, which means a paid partnership. But, it is important to consider what you want as per your goal.

So, these are some of the significant points that you should consider before rolling out your Instagram Influencer Activity. So, stay organized and run your Instagram Influencer Activity successfully!