Important trends to consider while planning your Social Strategy for 2018

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With the beginning of a new year comes another round of new trends, strategies and updates that are shaping the digital map for 2018. Each year comes with its own set of important elements and some challenges that set the journey of marketing for every brand. Likewise, beginning of this year has also put light on some of the trends that are considered important while planning your digital strategy for 2018.

In the recent discussions with experts, few topics related to major trends came up – the trends which may rule the roost this year. Let’s have a look at the major takeaways from the discussions with them.

The role of Chatbots in 2018

In the last year, Chatbots have turned into an interesting marketing medium with many brands turning to it for connecting with customers to promote their products or services. Opinions about chatbots differ.   Critics argue that they are programmed bots that do not have a human touch   On the other hand, many believe that they are helpful when used appropriately and it would be great to see more advanced AI-based chatbots coming out in the market, possibly this year.

Influencer Marketing with Micro Influencers

Influencer Marketing has emerged as a major facet of marketing   and is   here to stay. But, over the time there have been different segments of influencers and they all have been doing marketing differently. And on the rise, have been micro influencers who are considered to have followers between 1,000 – 10,000. So, it will be interesting to watch  whether this year will see the rise in their demand .

Impact of Augmented Reality  in the Social Media world

Well, AR has been an emerging trend for some time now, and it will be interesting to see how it impacts the social media landscape. Some of the bigger brands with big budgets have started incorporating AR in their social strategies and the trend is likely grow.

Video Content and Marketing

We saw a huge shift to videos in the last year and the trend is set to continue this year as well. But, this year we can see a huge increase in the number of short videos or live videos because they are consumable, focused, quick, and shareable.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Metrics are the most important aspect of social media marketing and the only way to calculate if you are going right or not. So, it is important to keep an account of the tools or how you are creating your social media reports. According to the discussion, experts look forward to having better tools that can provide us with better analytics and more sentiment analysis, easier ways to monitor conversations and implementing social listening.


Your social strategy is the face of your brand and it is significant to have a connect with the latest trends and updates with the overall objective of your social strategy. So, to get success from your social media marketing in 2018 don’t forget to consider these points in your strategy.