Instagram and the power of passion

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Technology, especially social media certainly has the ability to turn your passion into reality. Take for that matter Instagram. Instagram is opening new worlds by giving people the power and ease to follow their passions. Whether it’s an interest in travel, sports, beauty or cars, this study tells you how and why people are using Instagram to expand their world of passions, basically relating to auto, beauty, sports and travel.

Ways Marketers Can Tap Into People’s Passions

  • Open New Worlds: Uncover global/cultural insights relevant to particular passions and help people immerse in their respective passions.
  • Tap Into A Community: Align your brand with a passion-specific community to get recognized and be recommended.
  • Provide Accessibility: Showcase the inaccessible by using insta stories or video to expose the softer side of athletes or give access to the latest car model or provide an unfiltered look at exotic travel destinations.

An Insight Into The World Of Passions On Instagram


Over 5M active US users have auto as their top passion on Insta, the median age being 26 years with 70% Women and 26% Men.

  • Hashtagify

Top #’s as per the study:

#carporn: About 11M Posts

#supercar: About 5.5M Posts

#auto: About 5M Posts

#instacar: About 4M Posts

#sportscar: About 3.5M Posts

  • Indulgence Of Auto Respondents On Instagram

83% People Watch Car Videos At least Once A Week

52% Watch Videos To Evaluate Vehicle Performance

53 % Connect With People Of Same Interests

53% Get Easy Exposure To Favourite Autos

  • Marketer Takeaways

Make it worth watching by using authentic images of cars from high quality to unpolished.

Use videos to bring auto performance to life and get car lovers’ adrenaline pumping.

Embrace crowdsourcing recommendations by aligning your brand.


Over 13M active US users have beauty and cosmetics appear as their top passion on Insta, the median age being 27 years with 76% Women and 24% Men.

65% of beauty respondents, using both insta and magazines, chose Insta over magazines to ‘stay on top of recent trends in beauty.’

  • Hashtagify

Top #’s as per the study:

#nailart: About 30M Posts

#skincare: About 14M Posts

#lashes: About 9M Posts

#makeuptutorial: About 2M Posts

#lipart: About 180K Posts

#beautytrends: About 100k Posts

  • Marketer Takeaways

Use videos/stories to bring your beauty brand to life, so tutorials can help to showcase the latest makeup trends.

Research and look at user content from unique beauty hashtags to help understand your consumers’ behaviour.

Consider co-branding with fashion brands or bloggers.


Over 25M active US users have Sports as their top passion on Insta, the median age being 27 years with 48% Women and 52% Men.

  • Hashtagify

Top #’s as per the study:

#fitness: About 185M Posts

#gym: About 90M Posts

#workout: About 75M Posts

#running: About 25M Posts

#fitfam: About 60M Posts

#yoga: About 30M Posts

  • Indulgence Of Sports Respondents on Instagram

94% users see the personal side of Athletes

54% users get updates from their favourite teams/players

53% users post their picture at sports events

49% users access latest breaking sports news

47% users get amped for games

  • Marketer Takeaways

Rethink access by using videos/stories to help provide access behind the scenes as well.

Keep it short and simple by using bite-sized messaging.

Amp it Up by using your brand message to motivate people, before, after and outside the game.


In a typical week, close to 1M unique users search for travel-related hashtags on Instagram globally, with over 160M posts for #travel worldwide, median age being 29 years with 60% Women and 40% Men.

  • Hashtagify

Top #’s as per the study:

#adventure: About 38M Posts

#roadtrip: About 25M Posts

#staycation: About 1M Posts

#vacationmode: About 1M Posts

#hiddengem: About 290K Posts

  • Indulgence Of Travel Respondents on Instagram

96% of people get encouraged to fantasize about visiting existing places

95% get exposed to different cultures

94% get an opportunity to rejuvenate

  • Marketer Takeaways

Help people explore new worlds by utilizing your brand’s messaging, copy and creative to pique curiosity and expand people’s worlds.

Connect to hometown adventures by using stories to reveal the unknown.

Use storytelling throughout the travel journey- after, before and during, by using videos.

So, it can be concluded and analysed that Instagram has got a hold of people’s passions and interests. By allowing them to get unfiltered exposure to people, places and products from all around the world, Insta is leaving no stone unturned in helping them achieve what they desire.

Source: Facebook IQ