Online shoppers and what their actions say about their attitude

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Shopping makes everyone happy. It is a therapy for some, pleasure for some, stress-buster for some and addiction for some. Be it anything; there is nothing that shopping can’t fix. More often everyone is looking for reasons to shop and get the stuff they have been eyeing on. However, in the world of shopping there are types of shoppers and the way they shop says a lot about them. And with the surge in the online shopping as comparison to traditional shopping, the shopping journey has become more interesting.

So, let’s have a look at the different types of shoppers and their shopping journey.

Shopping Mavens – The first segment of shoppers knows what they like, and they tend to be higher spenders compared to the other segments. They love to shop both online and in-stores, enjoy shopping and take time with buying decisions.

Informed Mobilisers – They are deliberate shoppers who take their time to make a good purchase at a good price. Being informed shoppers, they visit brand sites, read comments and reviews, compare shops, and even save items to their basket to revisit. For them, knowledge equals power and the confidence to buy.

Fashion Enthusiasts – They are brand loyalists who prefer upscale brands because they believe that quality of what they buy reflects who they are. They are fashion lovers, follow trends and are also influenced by celebrities, friends, and family. Instagram is a go-to source for them.

Social Savvies – As the name suggests, they are big time online shoppers. They check online reviews to compare and shop quickly. For them shopping online means easier and faster, and they use Facebook exclusively on mobile.

Opportunistic Shoppers – They are budget conscious and price-sensitive, who are older and have kids. They tend to look for deals and their purchases are often linked to coupons. They also do not take out too much time because for them shopping is a duty not a desire.

Online Reluctants – They are relatively neutral about shopping and are also likely to be least brand loyal. Quality matters to them, so they prefer shopping in stores where they can check the stuff and quality in person.

Habits of Shoppers

Passion and Activity – More activity suggests more passion. So, longer journeys don’t necessarily mean lags or idle time. Between their first day and the final purchase, Shopping Mavens and Informed Mobilisers went back to a brand’s site quite a bit and had on average more “add-to-basket” actions, than the number of items added in the cart by other shoppers. The longer, active timeframes that shopping mavens and informed mobilisers took, reflects their passion.

Check-in and out – The behavior of Social Savvies and Opportunistic Shoppers, between the first time they visit a brand’s site and their final purchase was, on average, half that of both the Shopping Mavens and Informed Mobilisers. They have fewer website visits and fewer add-to-basket actions.

Shopping in Stores – Online Reluctants are the ones who fit in this category. Their behavior is quite unexpected and their stay on the website from the first day to the final purchase is the lowest across the platforms.

So, if you are an online marketer, then get to know your shoppers and understand what they want. Justify the choices of your shoppers by giving them a better experience!