People based marketing – All you need to know

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Reaching the right person in the right place at the right time, with the right message is what is known as People based marketing.

From the traditional ways of marketing to the digital era marketing one thing has been constant, which is reaching the group of people you want to contact. In the word of advertising, if you cannot make it to the people you want to reach, then all your marketing efforts will go in vain. With developing technologies and social networks, the time and attention people spend online have become now more and more fragmented and this has made it difficult for marketers to determine when, where and how best to reach people.

How is People based marketing different?

In traditional media such as TV, Print and Out of home; the marketers look at the people who buy a product, characterize them in terms of demographics and then look for the right place where they are spending time. The goal there is to find the right place to advertise while holding everything else is constant.

When it comes to digital planning, marketers first find their target audience with the right age, right interest, and place. The goal here is to find the right group of people and holding everything else constant.

With people-based marketing, advertisers are focusing on detail marketing that do not hold anything constant. Now, instead of large groups, you can also go for detailed targeting like people who love coffee or reach them on whatever device or platform they are using. The goal here is to show the right advert, to the right person at the right time.

Important elements of People based marketing

Plan for People – Once you run a detailed targeting ad, then the insights gained via people based measurement to plan your campaigns, you can reach the right people at the right time, and drive business results.

Measure People – Leverage people based reach and attribution measurement to create a sing-customer view across devices, browsers, and publishers with people-based measurement.

In a nutshell, people based marketing allows marketers to plan for reach and frequency hand-in-hand, with the added ability to activate that plan with the same level of control. The measurement methods help in developing a good understanding of how different reach and frequency suggests using people-based measurements tactics, to better understand how marketers should be planning on digital channels. And for brand marketers, the research helps paint a better picture about how better understanding campaign performance through people can influence planning strategies.