Snapchat for Business – Do’s and Don’ts

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The reach of Social Media is global and on the ever-growing rise. The regular updates, selfies and every activity on the social channels makes it apparent that it rules the world so much that it has become a lifestyle and is likely to continue being a dominating force in our lives. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were not enough for the tech savvy generation that Snapchat also joined the bandwagon and soon became a favourite among people with its interesting and exciting features. It emerged as an engaging and entertaining channel and with time it has bloomed as a business channel.

Many brands have joined the network to connect with a younger demographic and increase the reach of your services/products. Moreover, it is also touted as a great platform for networks to build visibility and add value to your customers. One of the features that make Snapchat different from other brands is that it is all about storytelling in a string of moments that will not only engage your target audience, but will also allow them to get some more insights about your brand and services. In the time, where people do not like to invest time in going through long content, Snapchat serves the purpose of both engaging and informing your audience in small snippets. However, like every other social channel it also has its own Do’s and Don’ts. So, let’s have a look at them and take your brand closer to the target audience in an effective manner.

Do’s of using Snapchat

Connect with Influencers

With the social media evolution, the Influencers have carved a niche in the market of their own. People tend to rely on the opinions and content published by them. So, for brands they are a great way to create a following on Snapchat. Not only that, you can also connect with them when it comes to launching and introducing your brand/service/product. The audience of that Influencer will also follow you, which is a great way to build new connections.

Q&A sessions / product how to’s

Another way to use Snapchat is to announce a Q&A session or tips to how to use your products, which will inform customers about the usability and other related information about your product/service. However, it will be wise to inform your target audience beforehand about the session you are planning to have on your Snapchat.

Share Behind the Scenes /product previews

People tend to connect with something which is realistic and has life in it. When brands upload updates like Behind the Scenes gets more views and reach because of they get access to your brand in a way they otherwise wouldn’t have. A day at your office or exclusive product preview will give your audience a sneak-peak into your brand.

Plan your story

A planned story always seems to have a good impact. So, you can start with creating a story board, to make the follow easy to follow and it will also enable you to identify where you would require to add text, how long you need to keep the videos and how you may want to further engage your audience. And it is good if you use a mix of photos, videos, and text altogether to make it more interesting.

Add stickers, filters, emoji’s, and doodles

Snapchat is a fun social channel and you can engage your target audience with funny & entertaining emoji’s, doodles, filters, and stickers, which will add a little personality and an element of fun to your daily updates.

Keep a check on the views on your story and engage customers

Initially, Snapchat may seem a bit difficult to use but once you get a hang of it, then it becomes more engaging than other channels. Remember that you must keep a track of the metrics to know that how many people have viewed your story. And to engage your customers use calls-to-action in your updates or ask them to choose between two things and share screenshots with you.

To promote launches & events create Geofilters 

To promote any launch or event for your brand; Snapchat is a great platform.  They are great for boosting the brand and you just need to have basic designing skills. The filter created by you will be available to anyone using Snapchat in your area (at least 20,000 sq. ft.).

Don’ts of using Snapchat

Irrelevant Content/Off brand content

The first point is to not post irrelevant or any content which is not relatable to your brand because it may lead to loss of interest. So, even if you are going for a post, which is engaging, then do not forget to associate it with your brand.

Long stories are not recommended for Snapchat

For Snapchat, it is better to keep your stories short and entertaining. 200 seconds on snapchat is about 20 snaps and that’s a lot, for both you to create/post and for your audience to watch.

So, now that you now the Do’s and Don’ts of using Snapchat, make your business flourish and blooming with a deeper connection with your target audience.