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Jo Dikhta Hai, Woh Bikta Hain!

Every product has a seller, but does every product gets a buyer too? With the top E-commerce giants lending a stairway to brands to sell their brands and earn profits, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the shopping world has become the war of brands. And with festivals around the corner the strokes of “Great Indian Sale” and “Big Billion Days” to lure the customers are played by the brands.

But the question that arises in every seller’s mind is with tens of thousands of sellers on Amazon or Flipkart, selling crores of products, how will my product will get noticed by the buyers? This problem of Discoverability of products has been discussed in this blog via Amazon Sponsored Products and their Case Studies.

Let’s have an insight into it:

What Is Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising?

Sponsored Ads or Products is a cost per click based advertising platform which helps brands to bring their products amongst the top organically searched results. It allows brands to get noticed by customers on important pages such as the product detail page and the search page. These ads target customers searching for the keywords or products one selects when setting up the ad campaign.

Properly done, these ads put your small business PPC promotion in front of your targeted audience with specific products, services, or information they are seeking. A well-designed ad campaign requires time devoted to keyword research, budget planning, strategic bidding, and compelling ads designed to encourage your targeted audience to click on your ad rather than a similar offer.

Why Use it?

Before investing in Sponsored Ads, it is vital to know how it will help your business to grow, especially during festivals:

  • Deliver relevant ads to targeted shopper searches on desktop and mobile devices
  • Your ads appear alongside search results
  • Pay only when your ad is clicked
  • Measure return on investment and optimize spend
  • Enhanced Brand Image
  • Product Discovery

How Does It Work?

Once you get acquainted with the fundamental of sponsored ads, the next step is to know the way it works and benefits it delivers.

  • Select your products and choose your keywords
  • Decide how much you want to spend on your campaigns
  • Your ads may appear on product detail pages, alongside and below search results
  • Shoppers who click your ad are taken to the product detail page where your offer is listed

Success Stories

You might be wondering whether this actually reaps benefits or not, but after having a look at the following case studies, you will definitely make a move to sponsored ads and won’t deny the fact: “Jo Dikhta Hain, Woh Bikta Hain”

  • GEEKTITAN: A seller of mobile accessories, began with selling quick chargers for android & IOS devices on the Amazon platform. Anand Gupta, the founder of GeekTitan says: “We initially started selling and advertising on several platforms, but received hardly any traction. While there was a surge in impressions there was no sales, until we tried Amazon Sponsored Products. The results have been encouraging.”
  • Indian Art Villa: The first step towards driving sales is ensuring that your products are easily discoverable to shoppers. These ads have contributed to 26% of Indian Art Villa’s total sales on with an advertising cost of merely 1% of total sales. Virendra Taluka, the founder, says: “I signed up for Sponsored Products with the primary objective of increasing product visibility. Earlier, we found that if a customer typed in a certain keyword, in spite of our good ratings our products wouldn’t turn up on the initial search pages.” Moreover, he said “Sponsored Products is the only medium that has got several of my products on page 1 as there are slots specially allotted to it.”

So, it is crystal clear that sponsored ads surely drive business and can be tweaked as per one’s requirement to attain maximum benefits. During festivals, when shopping is the topmost priority, people are eager to buy the best from e-commerce stores, so make your brand visible and achieve success.