The Great Indian Brand War – ITC vs Dabur vs Pepsi

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The #SayNoToConcentrate campaign by ‘B Natural – ITC’ has got a new twist added to the story by both the targeted brands ‘Tropicana – Pepsi’ and ‘Real – Dabur’ replying with full zeal and enthusiasm. Looking back, the war started when B Naturals directly attacked at both the brands by inviting them to make Indian juices concentrate-free. Now it’s turn of both the brands Tropicana and Real to give back and claim the throne of being the healthier choice.  The war is now between ITC, Dabur and Pepsi and is getting intense day-by-day.

Within no time, Tropicana hit back with a befitting response via series of tweets and a hashtag of their own #ConcentrateOnTheFacts. They are claiming that they are serving 100% juices for 14 years and they are asking B Naturals to check their facts and get them right. The direct attack has gained momentum on the social media as well and it’s interesting to watch these brands fighting it out in the open with no holds barred.





After Tropicana, it’s time for Real and they hit back with an Ad in the same daily newspaper that featured B Naturals ad and that too on the front page. They claimed that they are India’s No. 1 Juice and Nectar brand with 100% real fruit goodness. The response back is as loud as the claim that started this war by B Natural.

image real

So, it’s a perfect example of how real brands can get when it comes to selling their proposition. The war is not only about the brands or companies, but about how selling could change when it’s all out in the open.

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