Tips to Leverage Facebook Messenger for Business Growth

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Facebook offers a potential audience of over 1.3 Billion people and with more than 2 Billion messages sent between people and businesses, both automated and people-initiated; it has become every brand’s favourite. However, with time the popularity of Facebook Messenger has also increased and with the integration of chatbots it has become the favourite of brands. Brands can use Messenger to reach to people at scale, and then continue to interact with each of them individually.

Messenger can also be used to give out information to make them learn about a new product or resolve an issue and you can also tailor your interactions to meet your specific needs. In the process of using messenger for your business,it is also important to check if you are using Messenger the right way  to communicate and engage your target audience.

Here are some tips on how to use Facebook Messenger for your business effectively

Messenger Ads

Ads are one of the best ways to reach out to targeted audience. Messenger Ads are also one of the best ways to take advantage of global reach of the app. All you have to do is add it as a placement to your campaigns. The ads work just like ads across other platforms. You can use the same creative for messenger that you are already using for Facebook and Instagram.

Personalized/Customized Messaging Experience

A personalized/customized interaction is sure to leave an impact on people. Use the rich/interactive features of the latest technologies to create a high-impact experience that goes beyond basic messaging from your page.

Response Time

Responding to your customers well on time is a great way to maintain an ideal response time on your Facebook page. This also helps you to set expectations when a user visits your page. To keep them engaged, you can also set some automated response or a greeting. Also, you must understand that if the wait time is longer than the mentioned response time, it affects your brand image.

Help your customers with relevant content

Too much information is not a great way to communicate and connect with your target audience. It can confuse them, and the relevance of the content can also get depleted because of too much information. It means that with too much content your target audience may not be able to find the relevant content or the content you want them to read. But, with messenger, you can help your customers find the relevant content. This option is also being used by many media, technology and other sites to help customers search the relevant content and according to their interest.

Promotion and Customer Engagement

Facebook Messenger is used effectively to promote offers and discounts, provide quick information related to products and also service updates. It is also used to promote and give timely updates about events. These days ‘Chatbots on Messenger’ are used by brands to have interesting conversations with the audience and lead them to convert.

Businesses are coming up with creative ideas and engage with their target audience in interesting ways that prospects and customers love to be part of.

So, with the growing popularity of messenger it makes sense to leverage the platform for business growth effectively.  If your business is already on Facebook Messenger, hope these tips may help you to improve customer engagement and if you are still no on Messenger, it’s time to get started now. Your competitors might already be using it effectively, don’t lag behind!