Top 5 UI/UX Design Trends 2020

Top 5 UIUX Design Trends 2020
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The digital sphere is switching lanes at a rapid speed. Everyday, something new arrives and surprises everyone. When we talk about trends, UI & UX startle us every now and then. With the sense of accumulating experience and interface into the website or an app, UI & UX is gaining momentum. It not only adds a smooth experience, but also gives a meaningful interaction of what is published on the app. The Internet is not just limited to clicking menus or dragging mouse pointers on a webpage anymore. It has become a virtual world where things that appear on the screen also have a meaning to it.

User Interface or UI Design enables a workaround of how elements on a website work. From buttons to texts, the User interface helps in adding a visual element to the online world. Now, to add more meaning to the content on the page, User Experience (UX) comes into picture. UX gives an overall satisfaction for the user and also ensures that the design is also easy to interact with. For instance, the smartphones that we use, offer us various visual elements including transitions while we open a new page or close an existing one. These small details of ‘how a text would align’ or ‘how a button for the menu would represent’ have made it easier and more pleasant for us.

Here are our top 5 picks for UI/UX Trends that are going to reign in 2020:

1. AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality)

Augmented reality integrates the online world with the physical world. This concept is not only fascinating but also creates seamless opportunities to connect the world around you to the world online. For example, around 2015, Snapchat became very popular after it could integrate reality with its animated and interactive filters. Similarly, interactive game Pokemon Go made a sensation after people could use the real time locations to find the pokemon.

Talking about Virtual Reality, which creates a virtual world and accommodates users in to it’s 360° world. It not only transforms 2D interfaces into 3D, but also lets the user dive deeper into the virtual world to interact with the content.

2. Simplicity and Clarity in UI & Faster Loading Speed

With the growing online world, the websites are also taking more space than ever. This results in slow response rate and time consuming experience. Furthermore, users also want a website which has less clutter and is simple to understand. Some of the websites are so complex that the user fails to understand. Besides this, no user will want a website that takes time to load. What I have observed is, web creators are leaning towards a simple and faster website. This can only happen if a website has less plug-Ins, effective javascript and is easy to understand. Users preferring towards clean websites that have a lot of space and can flawlessly navigate through.

3. Voice Interactions

Alexa! Turn off the music, please” Voice Interaction is becoming everyone’s favorite. No wonder why, voice interacted features and products are in high demand. Giants like Google and Apple have invested so many resources to make their voice command features better everyday. Voice interactions use Artificial Intelligence and are developing with every second. From the past few years, voice interaction can understand better and is more convenient for most of us. Many users prefer voice interaction on the go or when they are occupied with some other work. Now, many companies are also introducing native voice interaction features which will enhance the market and it’s capability to be understood and to understand.

Voice Interaction in UI/UX is a boon to people who are blind and cannot interact via usual UI/UX designs.

4. Well-Curated Appealing Content & Personalized Customer Experiences

Per my personal experience, users prefer a content that can be personalized and a design that has a story to tell. The design should be curated in a way that it should tell a story and the idea of the content. This is what most UI & UX developers are focusing on. Design and content should go hand in hand as they compliment each other. Users should feel that they can be customised and that will go well with their heart. Customers will feel that experience as something of their own. Some of the designers even let the customer do the personalization on their website. Instagram and Reddit already have introduced dark themes for their users. We should not let the clutter as the content spoil the design. An effective content will lead to more interaction. Understanding a client’s requirement and delivering best web designs that align with their experience and demand is the definition for a Good Web Design Service.

5. Animated Interactions and 3D Animation & Graphics

Animation is not just a child’s play anymore. We all love animation and when we see these animations as interactions in a website, it creates a pleasant experience for the user. From menu, to clicking buttons on a website, the internet has a lot of areas where animation is being used. Now, websites are more focusing on 3D animation as they not only fascinates users, but also helps them in understanding the concept. Appealing graphics also catch eyes. 3D animation has been the most talked about concept in the UI & UX industry. Websites even prefer to use animations in transitions and loading screens. No wonder, why kids understand smartphones and websites even better than us.

Trend of near future

It is highly expected that in the near future everything people with normal vision will see or look at would have an alternative for blind people. Aid through audio and loud voice overs will be provided along with web designs to make such people understand about a brand or a service closely. This advancement in technology is definitely going to be revolutionary.

Design for disabled people

Technology is meant to make lives easy and when we talk about making lives easier, we must also include people with physical disabilities.

People with disabilities perceive or interact with internet in a different way, therefore, it is very important to design UX/UI according to their needs as well.

For example, Voice Interaction in UI/UX is a boon to people with visual impairments and cannot interact via usual UI/UX designs. AI like Alexa & Siri are a few ways where the web interactions can increase for such people.

Key Takeaways

Everytime a new technology is introduced, the main focus remains the same and that is making the lives of users easier. Only the technology that adds value to their lives survive. If You Looking For Custom We Design Service then You can consult with any reputed web designing company in india.

Customer is king in today’s time and every service’s focus must be on enhancing customer experience.

Which UI/UX trend do you think will rule in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!