What is Google Bard AI? What to Expect? Will it tackle ChatGPT? New Features

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In the realm of artificial intelligence, innovation never sleeps. Google- a pioneer in AI development has unveiled a remarkable addition to its AI arsenal: Google Bard AI. This is a powerful new entrant into the AI-driven world. In this piece of information, we will discover Google Bard AI, and its positive impact and compare it with existing AI models like ChatGPT. 

A Sneak-Peak into Google Bard AI 

The term “Bard” traditionally denotes a poet who narrates epic tales. Standing true to its name, Google’s Bard AI generates epic content in a fraction of a moment. Bard claims to be a “creative & helpful collaborator that supercharges your information, boosts productivity and brings ideas to life”

Introduced on March 21, 2023, Bard operates as a conversational AI chatbot akin to ChatGPT. This tool engages with various queries and requests in a conversational style similar to humans and generates novel, top-notch responses.

Users can type in their queries to Bard, provided that they adhere to the content policies and Bard will quickly produce responses. While Bard has not officially taken place of Google Assistant, it serves as a more powerful AI assistant. 

Following are some of the striking features of Google Bard AI. 

  1. Generating different forms of creative content such as essays, writing stories, snippets, poems, code scripts, musical pieces, newsletters etc. 
  2. Adhere to prompts, complete requests and answer questions in a comprehensive & informative way. 
  3. Access and process information from the world via Google search. 
  4. Beneficial for writing and debugging code.

At the heart of Google Bard, there’s a cutting-edge technology known as LaMDA, an acronym for ‘Language Model for Dialogue Applications.’ LaMDA utilizes a neural network architecture called Transformer, which forms the basis for many generative AI applications. This architecture underpins various generative AI applications we commonly encounter today.

Interestingly, ChatGPT employs the GPT-3 language model and relies on a version of this Transformer architecture to power its language generation capabilities.

Is Google Bard Better than ChatGPT? 

Both conversational tools use natural language models & machine learning to create chatbots. However, each of these has a different set of features. On the contrary, ChatGPT is based on data collected up until 2021 whereas Bard uses up-to-date information for its responses and freely surfs and fetches the latest data.

Google Bard VS Chat GPT

Below are some of the features offered by Bard but not available at ChatGPT

  • Browse the Internet in Real Time

Unlike in any other AI prompt models, Bard can surf the internet in real time. This means it can navigate for recent, up-to-date information from the web to answer your questions or generate texts. This feature can also be helpful for research purposes that require insightful information. 

  • Capable of Intaking Voice Input

Did you know? You can interact with Bard using your voice which is more feasible in some situations. Especially, when you are occupied and can’t type and prefer to dictate by speaking. You can also use voice input to dictate longer texts or ask complex questions. 

  • Export Output Text into Different Kinds of Formats

Bard generates text in different formats including PDF, Word & HTML. This makes it easy to share the extracted content with others or use it in other applications.

  • Extract Summaries of Web Pages

Bard can summarise web pages to get the gist of long or complex articles. Just paste the URL of the webpage and Bard will quickly generate a concise summary. 

  • Provide Multiple Drafts of its Responses

Bard offers multiple drafts of its responses to ensure you get the best possible results. You can also compare different drafts of Bard’s responses & handpick the one that suits your purpose.

Will Google Bard AI Challenge ChatGPT?

Both Google Bard AI & ChatGPT drive innovation in the AI landscape. Their coexistence will likely enrich AI capabilities and benefit users across diverse applications. As Google Bard AI evolves, anticipate the following enhancements:

  1. Multilingual Support: Bard AI is expected to support multiple languages, increasing its accessibility and reach.
  2. Enhanced Context Handling: Enhanced context management that results in more meaningful and natural conversations.
  3. Fine-Tuning Options: Expect more advanced fine-tuning capabilities that allow tailored AI solutions for specific tasks and industries.
  4. Integration: Bard AI may integrate seamlessly with various Google services, enhancing user experiences within the Google ecosystem.

In future, Google BardAI is likely to be integrated with Google Search and could be made accessible through the search bar. 

bard Vs Chat Gpt

The future of AI looks brighter than ever and Google Bard AI is at the forefront of this exciting journey. Bard AI is undeniably a promising addition to the AI landscape and poses to redefine human-AI interactions. Working on AI tools can be a bit tricky and challenging for people who do not have the right acumen to work on it.

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