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Facebook Reactions: What they mean for Marketers!

Last month, Facebooks Like button got a complete makeover. Facebook users are no longer constrained by a single reaction to a status update, users globally can now react to updates with five additional emojis, including love, haha, wow, sad, and angry. The mission to build Reactions began just over a year ago. Mark Zuckerberg had […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Use #Hashtags

#Awesome #YOLO #FollowForFollow!! Hashtags are EVERYWHERE and for a good reason. They improve social media performance across the channels. Brands use hashtags on their posts to increase reach and encourage social influencers to join the conversation. They were previously most widely used on Twitter and are now supported by most social platforms including; Facebook, Instagram, […]

Social Media Marketing

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

What are the 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing? Are you on the lookout to increase traffic to your business through social media marketing? Look out for these 10 laws of Social Media Marketing that will change your marketing all for good! Make it a point to abide by them or at least have them […]

How To Run A Successful Instagram Contest?

One Hundred Million users on Instagram and still counting this is one medium to watch out for in 2015. With Facebook breaking the record of 1 Billion active users, 100 Million registered users is not much when compared to other social media channels. Just like Facebook, Instagram has gained a lot of audiences who participates […]

The Rise of video as an Online Marketing tool!

Why videos play critical for small businesses. Have a look! Are you loosing track of your customers who are searching you online, then I should suggest you need to have your business video on your website. Here I am going to talk about it as there are many reasons for having a good video which […]

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging site allow users to send messages to large groups of people all at one point of time with the targeted keywords. Twitter has already become a big hit in the Internet world. So, what can you do to get more followers on Twitter? Here are some tactics to reach out […]

Social Media Practices for small business

The constant growth and access of social media as a communication tool is changing the game for all businesses, demanding executives to know where and how organizational change must take place in order to take advantage of the new marketing and communications tool. Social Media can be a shining way of advertising your online business […]

Finesse Valentine’s day blog!

This Valentine’s Day show some Love to your Customers! Valentine’s Day is a special day when you send your affection to your loved ones in the form of chocolates, gifts, cards, roses to make them feel special. Have you thought of doing something special for your clients this valentine? Do something special for them and […]

Social media etiquette

Social media today has evolved as an important tool in online marketing, with the advent of this technology; it has changed the overall meaning of the term marketing. Social media can help the business prosperous and can do wonders. It can help you reach larger audience without much hassle. But at the same time it […]

Social Media Trends- 2016

Being connected to the world was never as easy as it is today due to the power of internet. We can now reach out to our clients, friends, and many around with a click of a button. Getting connected has become so easy nowadays!! Have you ever noticed how things have been changed with the […]