5 Quick Tips to Promote Your Business Through Contest on Facebook

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In the world of Social Media, keeping your audience hooked to your page is one of the most important things. Apart from the regular posts and blogs, Contests are one of the best ways to generate engagement, reach and to promote your business as well. Yes, you got that right. You can promote your business through various contest ideas on Facebook.

But, how to do that? Here are some quick tips to run a Facebook contest successfully.

Use an app to promote your contest – App  guides the   fans about the entry process of the contest in a clear manner

You start by creating a tab on your Facebook page that will be linked directly to the contest page with information about the contest, terms and conditions and more. The page has its own URL, which means you can easily link to it from status updates on any platform or from your website.

Effectively promote the contest – One of the most important aspects is how well and effectively you promote your contest. It is vital to let your fans know how they can enter the contest and how it benefits them (prizes/giveaways). Make sure to add right calls to action. To make it more useful and interesting for customers, you can add a hashtag, which will encourage other users and also you can ask people to tag the brand and share the hashtag.

Encourage content sharing & votes – One of the best ways to get your contest promoted is to let your customers do it for you. Encourage people to share the contest with their family and friends which will ensure better reach and additionally make getting ‘votes’ (likes/favorites) from family and friends as a contest criteria will encourage more engagement.

Run countdown – Whenever, you run a contest it is essential to run a countdown and tell users that time is running out. This will create a sense of urgency and is one of the best tricks to encourage people to participate sooner than later if they wish to win the contest.

Hope you found the tips helpful. It’s time to roll out some amazing contests and get your audiences hooked to your page.