5 ways to increase social media reach organically

Social Media Reach
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Having worked on numerous campaigns each year, it’s no secret that the decline in organic social media reach has become a real challenge. Over recent years, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have tweaked their algorithms for a better user experience and subtly encouraged businesses towards paid promotions, leading to a decline in organic reach.

What does this mean for your posts?

Well, considering your post, even your best content might initially reach a tiny fraction of your followers, sometimes as low as 1%. It’s only when those first few viewers interact with your post that it starts to gain a social media impression and reach a wider audience.

The research by Hootsuite even suggests that only 0.07% of a page’s fans engage with your average organic post. And it’s not just Facebook, even Instagram and Twitter are facing similar issues. Getting social media engagement and organic reach without resorting to paid promotion is tougher than ever.

But, here at Finessse Interactive, as a social media marketing agency our data-driven strategy digs deep into the practice of boosting social media engagement and organic reach, despite these obstacles.

Organic reach isn’t dead; we as creative social media marketing agencies need to shift our strategy. With AI and machine learning shaping social media algorithms, it has become more versatile to connect with users beyond your immediate followers. For instance, about 15% of the content in your Facebook feed is likely from accounts you don’t follow – that’s a huge opportunity for organic exposure to new audiences.

Now that we’ve got a quick understanding of the challenges in the world of organic social media reach, it’s time to decode our five secrets to organically grow social media impressions and engagement for our clients.

1.  Understanding and Analyzing Engagement:

The journey to enhancing your social media presence begins with a thorough analysis.

Donning the hat of a data scientist, Finessse Interactive delves into your current social media metrics, using various premium tools. We further meticulously identify which types of posts resonate with your audience and which don’t, uncovering crucial patterns to boost your social media engagement.

And no, we don’t just stop here!

This analysis extends to tracking messages, comments, and mentions, offering valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and questions, and even identifying potential brand advocates for future collaborations.

2.  Targeted Engagement Strategy:

With clear social media engagement goals in place, be it altering public perception or generating new leads, our experts at Finessse Interactive develop a specialized branch within your overall social media strategy.

This strategy is backed by goals and includes a mix of engaging content types like giveaways, polls, and user-generated content, seamlessly integrated into your scheduled social media calendar.

While crafting the strategy we make sure to establish and set the goals for your engagement strategy like:

i-Transforming Brand Image:

Actively reshaping how the public views and understands your brand, moving towards a more positive and impactful perception.

ii-Generating Fresh Customer Prospects:

Focusing on strategies to attract new leads, thereby expanding your customer base and fostering business growth.

iii-Curating Insights on New Offerings:

Collecting valuable customer feedback on your latest products, which aids in continuous improvement and market alignment.

iv-Educating and Enriching Your Audience:

Providing your audience with informative resources and advice, enhancing their knowledge, and deepening their connection with your brand.

3.  In-Depth Audience Research:

We go beyond surface-level understanding, crafting detailed buyer personas to ensure that every piece of content speaks directly to your target audience.

This approach ensures that the content not only resonates but also actively engages your audience, fostering brand loyalty and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

4.  Creating and Distributing Valuable Content:

Let’s get real!

People are more interested in what your brand can do for them.

Is there a sale that’s too good to miss? A solution that solves their everyday woes? Or maybe your content is as oddly mesmerizing as a reverse-aging phenomenon.

We just don’t throw the content into the void and hope it sticks. Our team of marketing strategists engages in finding what tickles your audience’s fancy.

Remember, engaging content is key to unblocking the communication between your brand and its followers. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about building a loyal fan base that hangs onto your every word.

Our focus is on providing content that not only engages but also adds value to your audience’s life. They strive to initiate conversations rather than just broadcast messages, offering solutions and entertainment that make your audience feel understood and appreciated. They know that content should address the audience’s needs and pain points, ultimately boosting engagement and conversions.

5.  Bringing a Quirky Human Touch

Engaging with a brand feels way more tempting when there’s a hint of the human behind the screen (yes, there’s a real person there!).

Time to get personal — we engage in the comments, warmly respond to your user’s queries, and maybe even sprinkle in some humor on your feed. It’s our little attempt to let your audience peek behind the curtain to see the real faces behind the brand.


Cross Promotion

We make sure to seize every chance to showcase your social media handles –from your website, and business cards, to even that often-overlooked email signature as mini-billboards. It’s all about turning every nook and cranny of your professional presence into a loudspeaker for your social platforms.

This tactic isn’t just about showing off; it’s our secret move to nurturing your digital presence far and wide, nurturing your social media’s organic growth.

To brief, there are three main components to organically leverage your social media reach: Optimizing your content, providing an excellent user experience, and producing high-quality insightful content. Not sure where to begin? Fear not! Here at Finessse Interactive, our team of experts in social media marketing is here to help. Send us an email at info@finessse.digital.

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