Recap – Top 7 Ad Features Introduced by Facebook Recently

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Facebook is arguably the most successful social media channel. Advertising on Facebook provides brands with numerous opportunities to create their presence on the social sphere along with generating quality leads or sales.


Facebook advertising suite has plenty of customization options. These options can be leveraged to achieve any marketing objective, be it creating brand awareness, sign-ups or sales. Facebook ad manager not only offers plenty of targeting options but also allows you to create beautiful ads to attract your audience


Here are the top Facebook advertising features you can use this year and reach your targeted audience effectively.


#1: Carousel Ads


With carousal ads, Facebook gives the ad creators an opportunity to provide audience with visual content and storytelling together. With carousal ads you can sell multiple products or a product with multiple features and showcase USP of your brand.

On Facebook carousal ad you can add up to 10 image, videos and links of different products.


#2: The Facebook Pixel


Facebook pixel forms the basis of any ad on Facebook. If you want to measure your conversion, optimize ads, gain in-depth insights about the users visiting your website, Facebook pixel is your key.


Facebook pixel is also used to create remarketing, track audience on website and create a lookalike audience on Facebook. Make sure to add FB pixel before starting any campaign as you can track numerous detail like who is adding items to their shopping cart, or making a purchase, and use those insights to move prospects down the funnel and discover (then advertise to) users who share traits with your existing customers.


#3: Website Conversion Campaigns


After setting up the pixels on your website, it is time to run conversion campaigns for your website.

Facebook website conversion may have multiple objectives like purchase, attaining leads, filling up contact forms etc. With Facebook website conversion campaign, you can lead the Facebook audience to your website and lead them to take necessary actions.

Before starting such campaign set a threshold for your campaign and review the performance after every week. If you are not getting an estimated conversion in a week, optimize your campaign for impressions or reach instead.


#4: Behavior Targeting


Facebook gives you plenty of options when it comes to laser target your audience by using feature like behavior targeting.

Facebook’s behavior targeting is a powerful tool which can target your audience based on their past purchasing behavior. Facebook throughout the years has become a repository of user behavior data. Use behavioral targeting to ensure that you reach the laser targeted audience at right time.


#5: Interest Targeting

Interest targeting is another targeting option which allows you to reach to your audience based on their interests, hobbies and the pages they like.

Facebook has plenty of information of its users which they provide on their profile like the content they share, apps they use and like, ads they check on Facebook. Using the Facebook algorithm these factors are consolidated, and the interest-based targeting can segregate the audience according to their likes and interests.


#6: Custom Audiences


Remarketing ads ever since introduced on Facebook have been a huge hit. The conversion rate of remarketing ads is almost twice than other ads on Facebook.

With Facebook custom audiences you can target three types of audiences:


-Website and specific page visitors.

-Contact lists of leads which you can upload on Facebook.

-App users which use your apps.


#7: Lead Ads


Lead Ads ever since introduced, have fascinated marketers on Facebook as they are cost effective and provide good results. Lead Ads provide quality leads and the audience don’t have to leave Facebook to fill up the lead form, which makes them quite popular and moreover they often deliver higher conversion rates.