How To Use Social Media For Brand Awareness

social media for brand awareness
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Did you know that nearly 80% of the marketers’ priority right now is brand awareness? And why not! There are 3.02 billion social media users worldwide (Statista) that are actively consuming information available online. If a brand can leverage this reach, it can create a huge impact on the masses and generate curiosity to know more about your products and services. Some of the effective strategies that as a social media marketing company in India suggest are:

Social Media Branding Strategies 2021: Pro Tips

1. Video Content & Infographics 

We all know how our attention span is slowly shrinking if the first few seconds cannot hold the user’s attention- nothing can. So, how to do it? Start focusing on video content and infographics. Stats suggest there is 40X more engagement on social media with visual content, and video content can grow revenue up to 49% faster. Similarly, with infographics, you can do 323% better on social media than any other type of content. Short-form video (30-60 sec) streaming has significantly increased in the past few years with decreasing attention span. So, begin now! 

2. Social Media Stories 

We cannot neglect the huge amount of reach social media has, especially with social media stories entering the market. Did you know? More than 500 million stories shared daily on Instagram, and 70% of the users view them regularly. 76% of Facebook, 83% Instagram, and 76% of YouTube users access the app with stories features. Here the content is short and crisp; brands can use it to share new launch stories, announcements, quizzes etc. Some major brands prefer sharing stories since it offers a massive reach and visibility to the audience. So, next time suggest your social media optimization company to focus more on the stories aspect.

3. Right content for engagement type

Content creation should be driven by what you want to achieve. It should appeal to the audience. Even you and I stop on content that’s funny, sharable or relatable. It can be a case study, reels, infographics, blogs, article, eBooks or anything relevant to the audience type and the channel. 

Did you know? A person can retain 10-20 percent of written or spoken information but almost 65 per cent of visual information.

4. Influencer Marketing

Estimates suggest the influencer marketing industry is set to become a $15 billion industry by 2022. Millennial rarely trust advertisements, whereas content forms like blogs and reviews from influencers are more likely to be considered. Trends indicate there will be more connections and collaborations between influencers and brands. An established influencer not only helps the brand gain necessary attention and awareness among their audience but also impacts the follower count and page likes. Many social media companies in India are successfully implementing this strategy to raise brand awareness.

5. Increase your followers and page like

We all know getting page likes, and followers from scratch can be a very tiring and time-consuming task. Any professional social media company in India or anywhere knows the struggle of it. But with frequent content sharing, promotional advertisements, engaging with the audience, and influencer activities, brands can gain a lot of attention and brand awareness which can also contribute to increased follower numbers and page likes.

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6. Social commerce

It is a process of buying and selling on social media platforms. It allows customers to purchase a product directly from brands. Platforms like Facebook Shop now, Pinterest-Shop the look and Instagram- digital price labels help smoothen the purchase process without leaving the application. It is a great opportunity for brands to increase sales, as well as propel growth in the social commerce market.

7. Social media promotion campaigns

A well planned social media promotional campaign help reinforce information or sentiments. They can work as rocket fuel for your social media marketing strategy when done with precision and the right target audience. They play a major role in boosting brand reputation, awareness and sales. 

Global social media advertising spending is predicted to increase by 73% in the next five years. 

8. Strong customer relation

We all can agree that a brand with bad customer relation fails miserably! Even we as customers have faced such situations that left a bad taste. If you aren’t reachable and connected with your audience on DMs and messengers, it’s likely your customer will neither be interested in your brand or its products. Strong communication, timely response and engagement encourage the audience to know more and share more. Here, professionals like online reputation management services in India can help.

9. Analytics and Insights

One of the essential aspects of improving your social media strategy is to keep an eye on the progress and performance across various channels. It will help in analysing aspects that are working and what requires changes. Stays updated on the trends and apply them to your marketing strategies to stay relevant and competitive.


There are numerous ways to increase your brand awareness, and social media is by far one of the best channels to do this. You can communicate with your direct audience and also get a chance to introduce your brand to new people that helps in finding prospective leads. Plus, you have a great channel to share your content. It’s an effective medium to maintain customer relationships for a longer run. Therefore, in order to increase brand awareness which is crucial for business growth, you can follow the above useful strategies and tips to grow your brand presence on social media that ultimately helps the business to achieve its goals in an easy and efficient manner.