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First Facebook, Now Google Plus – Experts’ Take on Data Leak

The phrase ‘Data Breaching’ has been widely trending across the web in the recent times. Over the years we have witnessed that there have been several data leaks of personal information of people around the globe that is used on daily basis. In some cases, the data breached was made encrypted and inaccessible to the […]


The Ultimate Checklist to Evaluate Your Corporate Website

For an enterprise, to have a good online presence, having an attractive and professional-looking website is one of the essential requirements – It boosts the credibility and online image of the enterprise. Living in 2018 has made us experience incredible technological advancements that are providing user friendly experiences across the digital platforms.  However, few among […]

measuring social media marketing - ceos guide

The CEO’s Guide to Evaluating Social Media Marketing Efforts

As the CEO of the organization, it’s important to keep a constant tab on your company’s social media communication and marketing efforts. Apart from the fact that social media has proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels, it’s also a PR channel which connects your company with the target audience and public […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile-First Design

In 2010, GSMA organized Mobile World Congress under the theme “Vision in Action,” with visionaries talking about the insights of upcoming technologies and what entrepreneurs should focus on developing to make technology even more user friendly. Eric Schmidt, then the CEO of Google in the same event put forward a thought for designers to follow […]



There was a time when people would write thousands of words to explain their thoughts and reactions. However in today’s world, an emoji or an emoticon is enough to describe it. The phrase, “A picture is worth thousand words,” can perfectly be replaced by “An emoji is worth many characters.” Emojis are basically based on […]

google adwords’ new interface

All That You Need to Know About Google AdWords’ New Interface

Google has always been coming up with new features that would enhance its users’ experience and make a difference for better. For starters, Google is planning a makeover for Gmail for a better experience, but for now the hot topic is the new interface of Google AdWords. For quite some time the new AdWords interface […]

advertising on amazon

A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Ads

What are E-commerce Platforms? The E-commerce platform has seen immense growth in the past 10 years. Who knew that one could buy and sell at their convenience, stay hassle-free and even return disliked or undesired products. But where there is growth there’s competition and in order to become the best seller, a lot of thought […]